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egl_fat: Giving hope to fatties since 2007.

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Experienced Plus Sized Lolitas
egl_fat is a plus-size lolita community dedicated to experienced plus-size lolitas.

Membership must be approved by moderator. The main focus of this community is "experience." This community was not made so that people could ask questions such as, "What brands will fit me?" or "What is the quality of Fan + Friend?" If you cannot answer even these simple questions, I encourage you do to a little research at egl_plus and egl before you come back.

I assume anyone joining this community already understands basic internet etiquette, so just be courteous and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Yes, introduction posts are allowed, even if we already know each other, they're fun to read. :)

While any size may join, please try to limit discussion to plus-size lolita fashion, and the like.

Sales posts are always allowed, but they must be strictly lolita and must fit at least U.S. size 12 or up. Please don't repost multiple times.

Please put large images (over 400x400) under a cut.

I am doubting that any experienced lolitas will have any trouble obeying the basic rules, but they're just friendly reminders. :)